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These talks and keynotes incorporate proven research, personal inspirational stories, and a clear call-to-action to deliver learning outcomes in three key categories of Creativity, Introspection, and Leadership.

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Unlearning Fear - Creativity

At the age of 2, I stopped speaking one day. My mother found me under a table, quiet. When I started speaking about a week later, I had a stutter.

Jump cut to present day, as a speaker by profession, without a stutter, this story is incredibly inspiring with actionable steps on how anyone can replicate the success and overcome their fears.

The talk will cover:

  • Introduction to the art of unlearning: why unlearn our learned behaviours to make space for new behaviours

  • Explanation of the 10 year process that pushed me out of my comfort zone: the “correction loop” followed by “the challenge”

  • The importance of creative play and how to nurture it

  • Making a child’s dreams come true by having a vision, taking focused action, and living the realized dream

Architect Your Best Self - Introspection

This talk hopes to change a shortcoming of System 1 thinking - that too many of us are running on autopilot, chasing shiny objects, feeling stuck or trapped, which leads to a lack of fulfillment. How do we instead become rich in the real wealth that makes us human.

Conquer your mind, to then conquer yourself and your environment. Through introspection and awareness of the ego, we can make choices today to thrive as our best selves. My talk will cover:

  • The battle we face internally between our ancient and modern brains, backed by science

  • How to become aware of our two selves through positive self talk

  • Understanding the importance of visualization for goal setting to take intentional action

  • Ultimately, radiate positive energy and self actualize by becoming our greatest self

Emotional Storytelling - Leadership

Brands make longer lasting impact with emotional messaging that functional ones, similar to people. Functional messaging has its tactical purpose - to make the sale. But, to leave a longer lasting impact that builds equity over time and grows into unshakeable loyalty, you need emotional messaging.

The talk will cover (The What, the How, and The Why of emotional storytelling):

  • Defining what you stand for: For brands and people, it's important to know what your core values are. What are your pillars, that no matter the situation, will always be a part of your DNA? 

  • Walking the talk: Taking action against your values to build associations. This becomes your guidebook for How you make decisions.

  • The vision and purpose: This is your reason for being. The grander purpose we are striving towards. Ultimately Why we do things.