These workshops are designed in three key categories of Creativity, Introspection, and Leadership. They range from 1.5 hours to 4 hours depending on your needs. We are happy to work with you to tweak the content based on learning outcomes.

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Art of Unlearning - Creativity

Who we are today is a learned behaviour. It’s a collection of habits, experiences, and biases we’ve collected through the years. Our new brain tends to protects us through logic and rational reasoning, while our ancient brain uses fight or flight mechanism to stay away from the unknown, leading us to predictable results. With awareness of this hardwiring and yearning for different results, we learn how to approach problems in new ways.

This Art of Unlearning workshop will channel our inner child to keep us in a state of curiosity to welcome learning, unlearning, and relearning:

  • Reevaluate our assumptions and become aware of our blindspots to identify the gaps

  • Foster daily positive habits by understanding basic principles of "yes, and"

  • Get uncomfortable by initiating play and demolish auto-pilot thinking

  • Build trust within a team to encourage new ideas and out-of-the-box thinking

brilliant brainstorming - Creativity

There is merit to surrounding yourself with creative people because they embody different patterns of thinking and are accustomed to exercising the creative muscle. Creative individuals think outside the conventional box not only about the creative process but all aspects of their lives. That constant “on” switch is one of the many secrets to their success.

Whether you are brainstorming individually or within a group, this workshop brings a hands-on approach to implementing behaviours that transform you into an idea generating machine:

  • Create an accepting space for brainstorming alone or within a team

  • Channel a plethora of ideas by integrating all aspects of your life

  • Organize and design a criteria for evaluating the ideas that suit your goals

Creative Brief Writing - Creativity

To write a creative brief is a balancing act between strategy and creative liberty. If executed well, it inspires the creative team to birth creative genius while meeting business objectives. Most of what holds us back is templates, terminology, and too many objectives.

Through years of experience working with creative agencies delivering briefs and discussing theories, best practices and techniques, we bring you a workshop that tackles:

  • How to derive a focused ask that is grounded in a clearly articulated and succinct insight

  • Creating the relevant brand story through emotional language

  • Balancing the best of both worlds: creative liberty and business strategy

Our Most Valuable Currency, ENERGY - introspection

Energy is a language you can understand regardless of your demographic, skillset, or psychology. Yet, we rarely talk about harnessing, cultivating, or practicing good energy. When someone exhibits beaming positive radiance, we instantly recognize it but find it hard to define.

This session digs into why we feel so good around positively energetic people and how you can leverage energy as a well practiced magic trick to achieve your dreams.

Through collaborative exercises, learn how to:

  • Identify great energy and study the skills of charismatic people

  • Become aware of your internal dialogue and apply positive thinking exercises

  • Become aware of your external dialogue and apply positive body language exercises

  • Consistently cultivate great energy with simple mindset games for ongoing success

Power of SELF TALK - introspection

Our brains are capable of 60,000 thoughts per day. This internal dialogue holds the key to shaping our realities and can be harmful if it goes unmonitored. It’s also no secret that positive thinkers are happier, confident, and successful. The greatest minds know that if you change the way you look at things, the things you look at will change. This session goes into the depths of self talk effects, shares tools on how to gain control and shape positive self talk, to ultimately change your reality.

Learn how to:

  • Nurture a thriving relationship with oneself through deep reflection and self awareness

  • Raise self esteem through affirmations

  • Attract positivity through mindfully creating focused energy

  • Differentiate between your present and future self for accountability of your actions

Self Mastery through Self Awareness- introspection

Self awareness is achieved internally and externally with an underlying foundation of beliefs, values, and motivations. Self awareness is mandatory because it uncovers who we are as unique and separate individuals. This awareness then highlights gaps in our present self to work on for the betterment of our future self.

We fudge the truth from ourselves in order to compete in our competitive society, however the courage required to face our true authentic selves is the first step to achieving mastery.

This workshop is highly reflective to unlock:

  • Your deeply rooted belief systems, values and motivations

  • How to interpret the gaps between your present self and future self

  • Analyzing the differences within your known, hidden, blind, and unknown self

  • Developing an individual action plan to get the results you want


In a highly competitive and curated world with an existing culture of “fake it till you make it”, we need deep self awareness and true authenticity. This workshop crafts a strong value proposition for your personal brand so that you’re never just another handshake. Learn how to stand out amongst your peers by creating a niche for yourself and building your own brand.

By strategically thinking about your audience, whether you are networking, applying for a job, or figuring out your purpose in life, you will leave knowing how to identify the what, the how and the why of your personal brand.

Through collaborative exercises and personal reflection, you will:

  • Identify and evaluate your top 5 values

  • Understand and critique how you show up and how you are perceived

  • Learn and apply the 3 key components to craft your brand statement

Coaching Up.jpg

Reverse Coaching - Leadership

With each generation having different learning styles, working styles, motivations, and values, how do we encourage knowledge sharing between generations? How do we train our junior leaders to become people leaders earlier? How do we encourage empathy in our senior leaders so that they lead a human organization that is inspired to bring in the results?

The session will highlight the key cornerstones of a Reverse Coaching program, which can be lifted and executed within any organization:

  • Knowledge sharing across generations

  • Improved empathy and pulse across senior leadership

  • Early training on coaching skills for junior leaders

  • Overall improved organizational health which promotes a positive work culture

EQ, EQ, EQ - Leadership

Emotional intelligence is what separates good leaders from the great ones. By growing in 3 key aspects of Self Awareness, Empathy, and People Skills, we can evolve our leadership prowess. Having control of internal emotions equips leaders to manage emotions externally, understand the emotions in others, and act in stressful situations with high empathy.

Strong emotional intelligence goes a long way in building robust relationships and cementing yourself as an effective people leader. In this workshop, we uncover:

  • How to demonstrate empathy in every day situations

  • How to evaluate and unpack personal emotions

  • Detecting emotions in others and developing an authentic technique to effectively acknowledge (and action if needed)